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About norigin media

NORIGIN MEDIA, A TV Everywhere Company, is a Scandinavian enterprise with a pioneering history of video streaming services since 2004. The privately held company offers licensable products for multi-screen TV and video streaming services.

Customers of Norigin are any type of premium content owner including operators or telcos, broadcasting or media companies and content owners across Europe and the Americas. All solutions are modular, platform agnostic and offer a quick time-to-market to remain future proof. We pride ourselves on our vast experience across the complete value chain for TV and video delivery, from capture, encoding, delivery and applications. Our strength lies in the effective management of an ever-growing device environment. The flagship products of the company are TV APPS SUITE and CLOUDNCODER.COM, which have many related products and solutions offered alongside as value or professional services.

TV APPS SUITE  products are multi-screen TV apps products suited for Broadcasters, Pay-TV operators, Cable Companies and other OTT service owners. The product suite includes 3 options CANVAS APPS, HYBRID APPS and LIVE TV APPS. The OTT Apps can be integrated to any video platform, CRM, billing platform or CDN chosen by our customers through a single unique cloud-mediation layer. Our Apps suite has been endorsed and used by many leading IPTV Operators and Broadcasters companies like France Telecom, T-Mobile, Telenor, Telefonica O2, Hutchison3G, SBS Discovery and TV2 Denmark. As a Scandinavian company, we are proud of the sleek and clean-cut designs. Our support for fast evolving devices is unmatched.

CLOUDNCODER.COM is a Live TV Capture and Transcoding Platform, catering to a cloud TV environment. With a growing TV and VOD industry there are very few dependable options for managing Live TV solutions in the cloud. With over a decade of experience with broadcast quality in streaming, the platform offers unique business models, which support a new TV industry. The Linear Content could be captured from anywhere in the world and formatted to multi-screen TV solutions. Distribution requires any CDN of choice.


  • I use my Apple TV to consume most of my video content, either through an OTT subscription, iTunes, YouTube or Airplay from my other devices. While I use my iPad mini, iPhone and sometimes my macbook to watch TV; my kids are mostly watching YouTube on the iPad and PVR from my set-up box.

    Espen Erikstad, Norigin Media
  • The iPhone and Macbook Air are the devices for all my work, play and TV. I have not really gotten to use my iPad too much. I use 2 active OTT VOD subscriptions which I depend on for all my TV consumption – just enough to bring cinema home with a projector that is always connected

    Ajey Anand, Norigin Media
  • My set-top-box is no longer the center of everything especially since live sports is always available within OTT services which I subscribe to. While on the go; I use my iPad, Windows 8 laptop and Lumia Windows Phone. At home, the PS3 and iPad connected to home entertainment system are the center.
    Jussi Komonen, Norigin Media


NORIGIN MEDIA are looking for enthusiastic, intelligent and fun personnel in our Oslo offices.

We are always on the lookout for amazing and enthusiastic talent. Our team have folk from many countries who have moved to Oslo and we are always looking to diversify more. We would not mind receiving for filing purposes any CV which may be relevant.

For any of the listed positions please send your CV and a motivational letter to Please list the position name in the subject field to help us file your application correctly.